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Promap QuickPrint – making mapping quicker and easier

An easy way to be more productive and deliver high-quality, high-value maps 

Mapping and data visualisation tools are key for property professionals like surveyors. Strict deadlines and clear, detailed outputs can be conflicting requirements for our customers. And so, they advised us they were looking for ways to streamline and speed up their workflows without compromising on the quality of service to their clients. 


Do you need access to a high-quality mapping tool to help produce PDF plans and images? 

Our customers told us they don’t always need lots of options. To meet this need, we’ve added a new element within Promap that allows users to toggle on and off a QuickPrint feature with a single click 

When activated, this strips away the tools you don’t need, giving you a clear, linear workflow from map creation to print. This makes the process quicker and simpler while delivering the same, high quality maps you get from all our Promap services. 


Access key drawing tools 

You won’t lose any functionality with QuickPrint. When it’s toggled on, you can still access key drawing tools including: 

  • Title Fill – One click solution for Land Registry boundaries 
  • Undo – for fixing small mistakes 
  • ReOpen Shape – for editing existing boundaries 
  • Lock to Background – accurate annotations with black & white mapping 
  • Snap-to-Point + Space Bar – draw complex sites with ease 

You won’t need to pay for viewing non-MasterMap layers. 

In fact, you won’t need to pay extra for this service at all, it’s simply the latest addition to Promap’s array of features we hope will make your life easier.


See how easy QuickPrint is to use