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The Adoption of Space Technologies in the Property Sector | 90 Seconds Interview with Daniel Wicks

In the latest episode of our 90 seconds series, Alex Wrottesley, Managing Director of Landmark Geodata, interviews Daniel Wicks, Head of Geospatial Intelligence at Satellite Applications Catapult. The video gives a fascinating insight into the work Catapult, a not-for-profit research and innovation centre established by the UK Government, does to drive business adoption and integration of space technologies. They operate globally to deliver solutions that bring together local and UK entities from policy, technology, and science to tackle critical challenges across markets including agriculture, extractive industries, infrastructure, water, energy, and health.

Daniel shares his unique insight into how the land and property sector are using space technology and how these datasets are becoming ever-more accessible, including through programs such as Copernicus, which is run by the European Union.

Looking to the future, Daniel discusses the technological advancements that are in the space sector pipeline, the industry’s drive to reduce the cost of launch and the significant impact of the applications potential.

Discover how space technology is evolving, watch the video today.