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The Ethics of Data Collection in Real Estate: A 90-Second Interview with Dan Hughes

Join Alex Wrottesley, Managing Director of Landmark Geodata, the UK’s leading provider of geospatial data to the environment, land and property sectors as he takes 90 seconds to speak with Dan Hughes, Director of Alpha Property Insight and founder of the Red Foundation, an initiative to promote the ethical use of data in the property sector.

Alex and Dan discuss the role ethics plays in real estate – something Dan describes as the “should” question. Should we be collecting certain data?

He talks about the opening up of the country and looks at, returning to offices, pubs and other spaces, the huge amount of personal data being collected about people. He asks us to consider the context of this information gathering, both now and in the future, from an ethics perspective.

Dan outlines some great first steps a company can take to get up to speed in terms of this information gathering and touches on:

  • Technology
  • Legalities
  • Asking the right questions about gathering and using this data

All in 90 seconds!

Take 2 minutes now to find out what Dan thinks and how he and the Red Foundation are asking important questions about the gathering of personal data.

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Article originally published by Landmark Information Group.