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Unlock more MasterMap – high quality mapping at a reduced cost with Promap v2

Making more mapping available for less in Promap v2

Geospatial data has the ability to unlock huge amounts of benefit to our industry and the UK’s economy. So much so that the Geospatial Commission and Ordnance Survey have been working to make their data more accessible for the market.

Landmark has welcomed the changes that have been announced, for example, around the PSGA.

We’re now thrilled to put further changes into action to make MasterMap more available and unlock more opportunities for using Land Registry data in Promap v2.


What does it mean for you, the property professional?

Promap is happy to announce that the cost of viewing MasterMap has reduced for all users. Those who rely on MasterMap to accurately plot out sites will benefit from a cost saving on every single map.

Not only that, but upon an initial Locate you will now unlock 5.5km² of MasterMap. This means significantly more geospatial data will be available for developers and other property professionals, and best of all you’ll pay less per map.

We’re delighted to have worked with the Ordnance Survey, the Geospatial Commission and our clients to help provide benefits to the market. Furthermore, these exciting updates are just one of the positive impacts we’ll be introducing. Keep an eye out for some changes to the Title Fill tool and Land Registry Data in the coming weeks.


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