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How to use Promap’s Title Fill tool? And more top questions

Often, land registry titles can be incredibly complex, with multiple parcels of land associated with a single title. Complex used to mean time-consuming, but now this task can be done with a single click, maximising efficiency. Our new Title Fill tool allows you to fill ownership boundaries for your selected location. A simple click fills the polygon in red, and any additional polygons forming part of the same title will be highlighted in blue. This follows Local Authority protocol, reducing query time and keeping your projects hitting deadlines. What’s more if the additional polygons aren’t visible on screen we’ll point you in the right direction to ensure you see the full picture.


Where can I access the Title Fill tool?

The Title Fill tool is available within the Draw and Measure menu on the right hand side, when you are using the ‘Print’ task.


Why is the Title Fill tool greyed out?

You will need to be viewing the OS MasterMap Topography layer in order to use this tool.


What data is used as part of the Title Fill?

We utilise the National Polygon dataset published by the Land Registry. The National Polygon dataset shows the indicative shape and position of each boundary of a registered title for land and/or property in England and Wales. Every title, whether freehold or leasehold, has at least one index polygon.

This dataset contains more than 25 million titles and includes 28 million polygons. HM Land Registry index polygons are mapped against Ordnance Survey’s large scale map (MasterMap).


The Title Fill polygon is different to my Title Plan, which should I believe?

The data used from the National Polygon dataset are a representation of title extent. The creation of these polygons allow for them to be the same size, larger or small than the extent shown on a title plan. This means that the Title Plan will always be the source of truth.