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What about my Saved Maps?

Your Promap Saved Maps are available in Promap. We run nightly updates, so if you created a map in Promap Classic today it will be available in Promap the following day.

Saving your Map

In order to save and in progress map click the Save icon in the header of Promap. Use the folder tree in the Save Maps window to find the appropriate location to save your map.

When you have selected the location for your map, you will see the fields on the right for entering the requirement information.

  • Folder – this displays the folder name of which you will be saving into.
  • Name – enter the saved map name, for example the Site location or client associated to the site.
  • Reference – enter additional searchable information regarding a map, for example who created this map.
  • Description –  this is an optional field for entering further information regarding a map.


You will also be prompted to save you map after each completed order. This Save Maps window looks slightly different as it also provides information regarding your site at the top of the window. This is useful if you are purchasing multiple maps and need to save them to different locations.

Once again use the folder tree to find the appropriate location to save your map, you will then be required to enter a Name and Reference.

It is important to save your orders to a map, as this way you’ll be able to access previous orders and build a history of any purchases taken from a particular map.


Opening a previously Saved Map

To open a previously Saved Map click the Open icon in the header of Promap, this will display the Open map window. There are 4 major components to this window:

  • Search bar – this will search through the names and references of all avaialble saved maps and display the results in the list beneath the search bar.
  • Shortcut list – the list on the left hand side window displays the 10 most recently saved maps, or the results of any searches undertaken. Clicking a saved map name in this list will display it in the folder tree in the middle of the window.
  • Folder tree – this displays all available saved maps and folders, click through this folder tree to locate your maps.
  • Information fields – these display the information entered when the map was saved, Folder location, Name, Reference and Description.

Click through the folder tree to locate your required map and click Open in the bottom right hand corner of the window.