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What is a MasterMap View?

Views are used in Promap to enable you to access the OS MasterMap Topography Layer. Each View is equivalent to 1km2 of MasterMap.

When you log into Promap for the first time you will receive 5 complimentary Views. To purchase more Views, please click the “Buy Views” button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Multiple Views can be purchased to saved money per View.


Views and the OS MasterMap Topography Layer

When you click on the OS MasterMap Topography Layer within the Mapping Layers tab on the right hand side, this will switch to the MasterMap layer and also consume 1 View. You can then roam the mapping by click and dragging across the map, once have exceed the first 1km2 Promap will notify you of any additional Views that are required to continue roaming the MasterMap layer.

When you access a Saved Map, you are will have 1km2 of free MasterMap to view. When you exceed beyond this 1km2 you will also incur roaming charges.


Views and Invoice Users

If you are a invoice user and purchase additional Views these will be instantly added to your account for you to use, the cost of Views purchased will be added to the invoice at the end of the month.