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For commercial surveyors, data collection eats up a lot of project time when completing property valuations. Searching through council and local authority websites adds hours to fee earners time for each project to assess planning applications and local plans.

These insights are crucial to forming accurate valuations. But without the right platform to easily access them, they remain tucked away and hard to access. This leads to surveyors wasting time and effort when gathering and formatting the required data for their clients.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways to easily access these essential insights with Promap, and with all the information you need in one place.

We’ll also examine how you can dig deeper into the assured potential of any property site, with added land constraint data and enhancements that come with Promap Premium Layers. So, you can create all you need to deliver a high-quality valuation report that provides a comprehensive view of the property and its potential.

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Get Planning Application Data in a Pinch

Sourcing local planning application data is an essential part of the valuation process. But obtaining this information manually takes hours and involves jumping between several websites just to cross-reference different data sets.

Thankfully, you can eliminate this tedious admin with Promap.

By typing in the property address and selecting the relevant applications, you get access to all planning applications submitted to local authorities via weekly planning lists. This includes large, small, and minor applications that are sorted according to estimated project value. You can also review this alongside local property sold prices for a comparison of market change and current pricing for similar properties in the area.

With easy access to these in-depth insights, you can put together your valuations in a fraction of the time and save hours trawling through local authority websites. This gives you extra add time to analyse the data and return to your clients with the information they need, faster.

Dig Deeper with Premium Layers

Premium Layers takes this data gathering to the next level. It provides quick access to neighbouring ownership details like planning applications, title numbers, registered leases and more – in one easily accessible place.

With a few clicks, you can dig deeper into any potential constraints for your projects like conservation areas, green belts, or SSSI protected sites. This means you can quickly explore any risks, opportunities, or anything that might impact development.

Surveyors can also overlay this data onto their planning maps to get a holistic view of the entire project. By plotting key information directly onto your maps, you can make the data go further, and visualise how your development will impact the surrounding land.

Learn more about the benefits of Promap’s Premium Layers subscription.

Data You Can Trust

We’ve provided mapping, data, and insights to the property industry for over 20 years.

As a subsidiary of Landmark Information Group, we have access to the highest quality mapping data available. All our location plans are reliable and up to date, and the MasterMap layer is updated every six weeks to provide the most accurate view of the land.

With our easily accessible data and additional insights, you can provide timely valuation reports while still retaining the high level of accuracy your clients expect.

Read our 'How Commercial Surveyors Save Time on Their Valuations' guide