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Focus on the Data – Flood Zones

Promap Functionality

Through the viewable data layers monthly subscription this dataset can be overlaid onto the OS Openmap, Aerial. OS Vectormap Local and OS

Mastermap topography layers, included in prints and the data exported to a CSV file. The data is also utilised for the Landsearch and Sitecheck Assess reports available from Promap.

What does it provide?

These flood zones illustrate the probability of flooding from rivers and the sea and ignore the presence of any flood defences. This dataset is derived from the flood zones of the relevant environment Agency’s flood map, a multi-layered product highlighting areas that could be affected by flooding. Flood Zone 2 shows the additional extent of an extreme flood from rivers or the sea. These outlying areas are likely to be affected by a major flood, with up to a 0.1% (1 in 1000) chance of occurring each year. Data is only available in England and Wales.



Dataset Name :  Flood Zones

Supplier :  Environment Agency

Coverage :  England and Wales

Update Cycle : Quarterly

Free or Subscription:  Free within Promap


See samples of the Flood Zones data in action in :

Landsearch – Click Here

Sitecheck Assess – Click Here

Viewable Layers – Click Here


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