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How to create professional plans in less time

Searching for the required map data, plotting boundaries, and formatting insights for valuation plans can take considerable time. Time that busy commercial surveyors often don’t have.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing some of our top time-saving tips and tricks to help you create professional plans faster with Promap. We’ll explore how to make the most of keyboard shortcuts, customisation tools, and helpful techniques for finessing a final plan.

Use Shortcuts for Faster Valuations

Our digital drawing tools already offer pinpoint accuracy when defining your site and creating planning maps for your valuations. But to speed things up, we’ve also implemented handy keyboard shortcuts for editing shapes, adjusting lines, and resizing objects.

Alongside quick-fix shortcuts like Undo (control + Z) and Redo (control + Y) if you make any mistakes, you can use specific key combinations to save time.

Some of the drawing shortcuts include:

  • Control + Enter: Reopen a shape
  • Control + Resizing a shape: Changes the size of the shape from all sides
  • Hold Space with Snap to Point: Connect multiple dots in a row
  • Shift + Left Click: Select multiple shapes at once
  • Shift while drawing a shape: Draw and highlight freehand

Once you get comfortable incorporating these shortcuts, you’ll save substantial time plotting maps, customising features, and defining sites – allowing you to finalise your plans quicker.

Discover the full list of intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

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Apply Extra Features to Simplify Plan Creation

There are a whole host of features on the Promap platform that make creating and editing your planning maps easier and more streamlined.

Here are three of the most impactful usability features available.

Title Fill

With Title Fill, you can outline the land registry title and fill in ownership boundaries with just a single click, making an often-arduous task simple.

First, select the area or property of interest and a red boundary line will be overlayed around the site. You can then add area or perimeter measurements and display multiple titles with ease.

These Land Registry outlines are available on the OS MasterMap Layer and also on the free-to-view Aerial and Open Map Layers. So you’ll be able to support your valuation reports across a range of different map views.


For more complex plotting, our handy Snap-to-Point tool is a great way to draw and measure your sites, while still retaining a high degree of accuracy.

While Snap-to-Point is active, you can easily align your boundaries to a map feature. Then, by holding down the space bar and left-clicking, you can join up consecutive points. So, you can plot your maps with precision and manipulate complex shapes with ease. This provides a level of flexibility that is often absent from other digital mapping platforms.

With these three tools, you can save time every day on every map and complete your valuation plans in less time.

Make It Personal with Custom Templates

When creating valuation plans for clients, speed is crucial. But speed should never come at the cost of quality.

Your clients expect you to deliver accurate, well-designed plans with a high level of professional polish and a personal touch.

That’s why we’ve included the option to upload your company logo, as well as access a selection of header and footer options, to personalise your insights and support your brand. You can even create templates for specific clients, projects, and more.

Adding the personal touch through a template or company logo is easy, but it can go a long way in promoting your brand identity and putting your stamp on every plan.

Save Time with Promap

The Promap platform helps commercial surveyors save time and create quality, customised maps with ease.

With the right tools at your disposal, you can take the pressure out of your valuations, and deliver professional plans with ease.

Find out more about how our platform helps commercial surveyors perform at their best.
Read our 'How Commercial Surveyors Save Time on Their Valuations' guide