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Latest Promap Update: Open & Saved Maps

Earlier this year, we announced a programme of continuous improvement across the Promap product that would begin to improve the user experience.

We’re pleased to introduce the latest updates as part of the process to the Open and Saved Maps menus. We appreciate that we hold a unique history of all the maps and projects that you, your colleagues and your organisation has undertaken over the years and we want to make this data as easy to find as possible.

As well as this we want to make it crystal clear when you have a map in licence available to use.


What’s new?

Look and Feel

First of all the user interface has been updated to provide a clearer view of the maps you have available as well as making the Open and Saved Map menus a cleaner and smoother process to work through.

Associated Orders

We want to make it as clear as possible when there’s an order available to edit or download. That means when you open a map we’ll provide an overview of all available orders associated to that map to pick from. This will help prevent any duplicate map purchasing and keep track of your project.

Though if you want to continue through to the map, you can do, allowing you to change the scale, location or mapping type.


We’ve updated the tech we’re using to make it easier to scroll through orders faster. So if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for but remember where it could be, we’ll help you find the maps quicker.

Search Functionality

We’ve improved the search functionality to display the maps searched for in a easier to read format.


For an overview of the updates, please take a look at the video below.