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Using ONS Data to identify and forecast population and demographic change

The Geodata Quarterly Summit in February featured a keynote speech by Olive Powell, Head of Geospatial at the Office for National Statistics (ONS), who spoke about the power of statistical data, recent Census releases and how they can be used in the land and property sector. 

Olive began her speech by highlighting that the work of the ONS is to provide high-quality data and analysis to inform the UK, improving lives to build the future. In discussing the 2021 census, she takes the example of population and household estimates to show how their data can be used to assess the average age of the population and how this can be applied to the types of property needed in a specific area. 

She also covers what’s on offer from the Geospatial team at the Office for National Statistics, such as their open geography portal, their geospatial training and introductions to QGIS, as well as discussing the ONS’s latest trial with interactive mapping. 

Looking to the future, Olive explains what’s next for the ONS and how public sector data sharing could, in the future, potentially inform their trends of population. As well as moving towards capturing property data from government agencies on efficiency and energy. 

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