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What is Customer Success?

We are often asked, what’s the difference between customer success and customer service?

You are probably all familiar with customer service, which is there to support you before and after you buy a product or service. What mainly separates the two is that customer service is reactive and on the other hand, customer success is proactive.

Customer success is a two-way street. It is not only about educating our new customers about our onboarding programme and teaching them how to use our websites and products, but it’s also about educating ourselves better, so we can understand your business and work more closely with you to build stronger partnerships.

Part of the process is to engage better with our clients and take your feedback with regard to the user experience. That enables us to understand your needs and challenges, and ultimately, help you achieve your goals.

Linking Customer Feedback to Product Updates

Many of our product updates are based on the feedback you provide us. One of the comments we recently received to make Promap more efficient was to have land registry information in Promap. In such instances, the customer success team works very closely with our product team to offer you the desired outcome. Now all our customers are able to base their search on a Land Registry title number and to outline a Land Registry title with one single click using the title fill tool. A similar customer success initiative led to introducing our Premium data layers into the market.

How do Premium Layers work?

They enable users to overlay data such as residential and commercial planning applications, which looks at the details of residential and commercial planning applications submitted in your area within the last 7 years. This could include new residential developments and alterations to existing residential properties.

Other layers include:

  • Land use designations,
  • Commercial titles,
  • Personal titles,
  • Registered leases,
  • Property sold prices,
  • Flood,
  • Constraints and OS Mastermap Highways.

We are finalists for the UK CX Awards 2022

Here at Landmark one of our goals is to make our user experience second to none. As a result of our efforts, we’re proud to announce that we are finalists at this year’s UK Customer Experience awards in October. We are going to inform you when we have the results.

Meet the Team

Gillian OakleyGillian Oakley, Senior Customer Success Consultant,

NickNick Mills, National Training Manager,

ZillahZillah Goode, Customer Success Consultant,