Developer Developer Developer South West

Landmark is proud to be a sponsor of the 'Developer Developer Developer South West - event taking place on Saturday 26 May 2012 at University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. DDD South West is a free one day technical event for developers. It is a day of learning, discussing, contributing and being part of the community in the South West. Our goal is to provide free technical education, the opportunity to mix with peers and to make and develop relationships in the .NET industry.  

A number of Landmark application development staff wil be attending the event, and one of our technical leads Joel Hammond-Turner will be presenting on the topic of 'Using your NuGet for Fun & Profit'.  

This session will look at creating NuGet packages for use within your own organisation rather than for general consumption, and will look at the options for hosting a NuGet server both on-site and in the Cloud.  With experience of most Microsoft technologies (and more than a few non MS ones), Joel focuses mostly on C#, Asp.Net MVC, Lightswitch and Silverlight - working as a Technical Lead at Landmark.



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