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3 ways to save time on every property valuation

At Promap, we’re always looking for ways to improve turnaround time, support collaborative working, and simplify the valuation process, so projects get completed faster.

All too often, property surveyors spend hours digging through local planning applications, government websites, and more – just to find the data they need. And when tasked with putting together several valuations concurrently, this time quickly creeps up. Delays don’t only cost time and money but impact the service provided to clients.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the time-saving features of the Promap digital mapping platform that help surveyors complete their valuations faster. So, you and your team can cut through the complexity and carry out property valuations as efficiently as possible.

At a glance, we’ll be exploring:

  • Title Fill to outline boundaries with one click
  • Print Preferences for a simplified user journey
  • Saved Maps for easy collaboration

1.      Remove Complex Plotting with Title Fill

In the past, sourcing land registry data was decidedly complex. Often, multiple parcels of land are associated with a single title and this could make plotting accurate sites a challenge.

To help make this simpler, we introduced Title Fill, a tool that lets you fill in ownership boundaries with just a single click.

Simply select the area of interest and a red boundary line will be added instantly. You’ll then have access to three maps to show the local, regional, and country scale of where the site is located. You can then apply a Land Registry outline to the OS Mastermap layer and also on the free-to-view Aerial and Open Map layers – significantly speeding up the outlining process for larger titles and supporting your valuation reports.

When used alongside Quick Print, this makes the journey to completion simple, while still offering the functionality to handle large sites with ease.

2.      Reduce Project Turnaround Time with Print Preferences

Time and reputation are key, and your relationship with clients is build upon delivery high quality insight when the need it.

That’s why we provide tools for standardising the way your company presents maps and insight. With the Print Templates in Promap you can ensure the outputs delivered look the same every time providing a consistent and professional output.

Promap also provides a range of detailed mapping tools to produce professional outputs from red line boundaries to more complex commercial site assessments. In a few clicks, you can access detailed mapping in a range of print formats to fit into your next valuation report.

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3.      Support Collaborative Working with Saved Maps

If you work alongside a large team, then you’ll know that sharing legal documents, reports, and maps with your colleagues can be a burden.

Without the right system in place, collaborating across teams can be inefficient and time-consuming, especially if you’re forced to wait for several versions of the same data to be returned and shared.

With our Saved Maps feature, you can save time searching for your data and set aside your in-progress and saved maps for easy access whenever required. By making the most of intuitive folder structures, handy shortcuts, and useful grouping options, you can quickly locate and share your insights with the rest of your team to support collaborative working.

Plus, with redownload options for multiple users, you can support key team functions and ensure that everyone has access to the data they need to be as productive as possible.

Complete Valuations Quicker with Promap

The Promap platform is full of helpful usability enhancements that streamline the user journey. We’re committed to driving value, helping to simplify your workflows so you become more efficient.

With the right time-saving tools, you can perform valuations faster, while retaining the reliable insights you need to keep clients happy.

To find out more about how our platform helps surveyors perform at their best, click here.

Read our 'How Commercial Surveyors Save Time on Their Valuations' guide