Business as Usual: Despite Reports of Changes to the Carbon Reduction Commitment, Organisations must still submit their reports by the July deadline or risk incurring a Hefty Fine

  • Despite proposed Government changes to streamline and simplify CRC, the scheme remains the same for 2012
  • The 30th July 2012 deadline for submitting Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) annual reports is fast approaching
  • Organisations must comply with the scheme or risk incurring a financial penalty
  • Landmark's Carbon Counter software tool provides a safe and accurate repository for data and reduces time and costs associated with recording and reporting

In spite of the publication of Government proposals to simplify the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme and cut administrative costs by £330 million for the 2,000 participating companies, organisations are urged to ensure they meet the current obligations of the scheme and submit their energy reports in time for the 2012 deadline, or risk incurring financial penalties.

David Mole, Managing Director for Landmark Environmental Due Diligence, said: "Companies should not think that that they do not need to submit their reports by 30th July deadline simply because a consultation on the scheme is taking place. The consultation may change the system in the future but for now, CRC remains the same; it's a case of 'business as usual'.  If companies do not submit their reports in time, they run the very real risk of receiving a hefty fine."

"Participants in the scheme who wish to submit their comments for the consultation may do so before 18th June but, even if the scheme is simplified, changes will not come into force for at least another 18 months. In all likelihood, CRC may be renamed but it will almost certainly still exist in some form and, in order to align with national targets, organisations will still be subject to mandatory reporting and will need to submit evidence of their energy consumption."

"Gathering energy usage evidence and reporting an organisation's carbon footprint needn't be an arduous task. Landmark's Carbon Counter data management software solution acts as a central depository for this information and collates information for the evidence pack. Launched at the beginning of 2011 to help organisations with CRC, it has already assisted over 300 customers meet the CRC requirements and drastically reduced their administrative burden."

"Not only can time spent on administration be halved within a period of 12 months of using Carbon Counter, but users can learn key lessons on understanding energy usage and the benefits that this can have on the bottom line. We have learned of one organisation for example, who, thanks to Carbon Counter, identified that they were paying for supplies to one building that they didn't even own."

David Mole continues: "The CRC can be a hugely time consuming and frustrating experience but it really needn't be. With £1.6bn worth of energy wasted by UK companies each year*, the benefits of CRC and identifying where savings can be made, far outweigh the negatives of the scheme."

"It is not, however, only companies required to meet the CRC requirements that ought to take steps to measure and reduce their energy output. Landmark's Energy Saver solution is designed for organisations looking to make cost savings on their energy bills and for those wanting to be more socially responsible by minimising their carbon output. Accessed through the Carbon Counter hub (, the tool can help companies reduce expenditure on energy by 20%. Similarly to Landmark's CRC Compliance tool, it provides a breakdown of where and when organisations are using energy enabling areas for streamlining or cost cutting to easily be identified."

Almost half of the organisations using CRC Compliance come from the public sector, including district councils, county councils and NHS trusts which are often responsible for administering electricity, gas, oil and biomass across multiple sites. This means that a clear evidence pack and audit trail is vital, something for which CRC Compliance was specifically designed. However, a growing number of private sector organisations are recognising the benefits of using the system, with companies such as Highland Spring Group and Vector Aerospace International signed up.

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