Promap Active X Control

We regularly update the OS Detail Layer (also referred to as Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography Layer) to ensure our users have access to the most current information available. As part of our next release we will be including further new descriptive terms available from the Ordnance Survey. The enriched content of the MasterMap data will include 76 new descriptive terms covering agricultural land, improved structure descriptions and shoreline features amongst others. In order to take advantage of the new descriptive terms an Active X update will be required. The newest version of the Active X update is available below.

Promap Updates

Promap utilises the Active X control to render and generate the required mapping products to the correct styling. Therefore in order to display the new available features correctly you will be required to update your version of the Active X control to the most recent version,

The update will be non-mandatory however as more descriptive terms are released you will notice a greater impact on the quality of available mapping in Promap if you do not update. Therefore we advise that you update at the earliest opportunity.

The new Active X control will also ensure you are able to take advantage of the custom styling available in Promap Map Legend tool.

You can download the update in either of these formats:

Download CAB

Download MSI

Further installation instructions here:

The MSI file allows for easier installation by using Microsoft's own installer package. Users can download and run this file to install the control directly onto their PC, this also allows IT departments to deploy the control via Group Policy or other software deployment mechanisms. The Cabinet file can be used by IT departments using software deployment mechanisms to install the control to their users.

For further information regarding this update please get in touch with your Account Manager or our Customer Service team on +44 (0)844 844 9960.


What is the OS Detail layer?

The OS Detail layer is the most detailed and accurate view of Great Britain’s landscape. It contains features that represent objects in the physical environment such as buildings, fields, fences and letter boxes, as well as intangible objects such as county boundaries or the line of mean high water. It is available for all of Great Britain and provides accurate visual context which is essential for completing tasks relating to the following:

  • Land management and property development
  • Planning applications
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Risk Assessments 

What is the OS Detail Descriptive Terms update?

The new update will significantly enhance the functionality of the OS Detail layer by enriching the content with an additional 76 new descriptive terms. The change will make it easier to identify, query and style individual types of landscape features, habitats, foreshore information and land cover. With over 11 million new features being added, the new descriptive terms will benefit anyone undertaking:

  • Land use analysis – more accurately describe land cover and terrain
  • Risk modelling – assess value and risk by evaluating land use, water, structures and specific features in your area of interest
  • Flooding resilience – detailed water features assist with planning and development requirements

For a full list of the new terms please visit here:

When will the new descriptive terms be available?

Over the next six months the new descriptive terms are being introduced by the Ordnance Survey. This means that with each MasterMap update more data will be made available. The release new descriptive terms will be released split into themes in this order:

  1. Agricultural Land (North)
  2. Agricultural Land (South)
  3. Rivers (North)
  4. Rivers (South)
  5. Land and Structures
  6. Water 

Promap v2

Promap v2 users will also benefit from the new descriptive terms however will not be required to update anything. If you would like to find out more about Promap v2 then please visit here or contact our Customer Service team on +44 (0)844 844 9960 or